Saturday, 5 November 2011

you can also join the campaign to lokpal bill for currupt....

The people of India are sick of corruption. Anna Hazare's Jantar Mantar fast, which got overwhleming public support, has not gone in vain. The latest government version of the proposed Lokpal Bill is certainly an improvement over the anemic bill drafted by the law ministry in December 2010, but the governemt is still not ready to go the whole hog. It wants to retain certain controls. This, unfortunately, may provide escape routes to the corrupt.

It's not too late to tell the government that we, the people of India, do not want any compromises on the anti-corruption law. Join the campaign by clicking the "JOIN CAMPAIGN" button below. You can also join the campaign by giving a missed call to the toll-free ZipDial number 08030050051 or by sending lokas an SMS to 

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